Health is Wealth at The Healthy Edge!

The Healthy Edge is owned by Bridgette Cummings in Springfield, Missouri and also a personal trainer and a Nutritionalist. Bridgette has been great to help us realize the importance of meals that are anchored in solid proteins along with healthy amounts of carbs and proteins. The Healthy Edge opened because of wanting to create a healthy alternative to fast food for people on the go. They offer a low carb smoothies and protein smoothies as well. 

Bridgette – What part of the business do you love the most?

She loves interacting with you, our community and helping you. She loves seeing people creating healthier habits when they tell her they’re feeling better, losing weight, and losing inches. It also creates awesome friendships.

Nutritional Value of the Healthy Edge Smoothies

  1. Plant-based protein – are awesome because a lot of people have a lot of dairy allergies or food allergies where they can’t have certain foods.

  1. We make all of our bases with water- there’s no milk or anything like that involved.
  2. We use a Stevia based sweetener – to not add all those artificial stuff into it.

The “Scoop” on Healthy smoothies

Shakes are super low in calories. None of them are going to be over 250 calories, which is awesome. The shakes are 10 to about 15 carbs. And then the protein is going to be around 25 grams of protein in every type of smoothie. In addition to that there are about 21 different vitamins and minerals as well to give you those vitamins and minerals too, so you are missing out on all those essential nutrients as well.

How to Manage Stress Eating

It’s about creating that balance and finding that balance and not removing any one food group completely. It’s creating what works best for you and making sure that you’re eating the way your body works best. Eating the right foods and making that a balanced choice instead of extremes like removing one food group or extended periods of fasting all the time.

How to improve your health

Get the right amount of protein. Ideally, that is half of your body weight in grams of protein per day. 

  • For example: if you weigh150 lbs you should eat up to 75 grams of protein per day.  

So your main meal and/or breakfast should be between 20 to 30 grams. (Anything over thirties excess in your body does not absorb it)

Your smaller meals or snacks should be between 10 to 15 grams of protein would be ideal.

Final Thoughts From Bridgette

As an entrepreneur to other practitioners – “I’m only 25 and I opened this business when I was 24. One of the biggest things is that I was that I was skeptical at the beginning and nervous. 

I had that just a nervous feeling of – is this was going to work, what if this doesn’t and I’m in a lease and all these worries and doubts kept popping up in my head. The biggest piece of advice I would have given myself is to just open up and let the law of attraction start happening to me. 

I now have three different locations, one in Nixa, one in downtown Springfield MO, and then the one on South Campbell in Springfield. 

It’s just been an incredible opportunity and the main momentum has just happened in the past six months – it has been so unbelievable! 

My biggest advice to you is: don’t allow that self-doubt to creep in and just run with it.”

Where can people find you?

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