Spikenard – Sourced from Nepal

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Spikenard is native to the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains. This essential oil is steam distilled from the roots of the plant and has been valued for centuries, traditionally used to anoint people of high honor. In ancient times, Spikenard was associated with wellness, sacredness, and spiritual healing. Historically, Spikenard has been used to calm the mind and uplift moods. As one of the most chemically complex essential oils available, it is highly valued still today around the world for its aromatherapy benefits.

Plant Part: Roots

Method: Steam

Sourcing Origin: Nepal


  • Diffuse Spikenard when you need assistance calming your mind
  • Put a few drops of Spikenard in the palms of your hands, cup your hands over your face, and inhale deeply for a calming sensation
  • Add a few drops to your warm bath for an extra relaxing sensation



  • If you are looking to relax for a restful night’s sleep, then apply a few drops of Spikenard to your feet or temples
  • When feeling stressed, dilute Spikenard with Fractionated Coconut Oil and massage it into your temples and forehead
  • For a relaxing scalp massage, add 5 drops to your conditioner

Spikenard has been used in perfume and in religious context in many countries for centuries.

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