Herbs that lower Blood Sugar

I recently found this image and thought it such helpful info I had to share:  

Herbs that lower blood sugar: Cinnamon,  Clove, Rosemary,  Oregano, Sage, Curry, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Cayenne & Marjoram.


Cinnamon – How does it help the blood sugar?

Cinnamon works by lowering insulin resistance. Researchers found that cinnamon cut cholesterol by about 18% and blood sugar levels by 24%.


Probably the most enjoyable of herbs that lower the blood sugar to take.

You can use the Cinnamon spice or you can use the essential oil.

A therapeutic grade essential oil has a nice kick to it and can grow on the taste buds making it very enjoyable to use several times a day.

I like to put 2 or 3 drop on a teabag or on loose leaf tea leaves, then make tea as usual and the oil emulsified into the tea.

As you build a tolerance to it you can drop 1 or 2 drops under the tongue

cloves are good for diabetics. A research shows that the compounds found in cloves may help keep blood sugar under control. As little as one teaspoon of the super-star spice is enough to reap benefits.

Clove – Helps Purify the Blood

Clove helps blood sugar by being an herb that helps to purify the blood.

Clove to help Lower Blood Sugar

Clove has been known to significantly lower Cholesterol levels and balances blood sugar levels.

Making a massage oil with Clove in it can be beneficial as a massage oil by improving circulation in helping with the numbing effects of oxidative stress to the diabetic’s feet and legs.

Rosemary – works to help the lipid profile in the diabetic


Rosemary helps lower blood sugar by following the lowering of the blood lipids directly. Very interesting…

Oregano – helps prevent the increase of the Hemoglobin A1C


Oregano is known to increase insulin sensitivity, thus helping to lower blood sugar by helping the receptor sites.

Sage works with Oregano in a similar manner.

Garlic – may reduce blood sugar


Studies have found that raw garlic may reduce blood sugar levels by helping to regulate blood sugar.  as well as reduce the risk of Atherosclerosis.

In general, garlic has bee shown to improve heart health and reduce cholesterol levels. It is also helpful in decreasing blood lipids and blood pressure.

In general, garlic has bee shown to improve heart health and reduce cholesterol levels. It is also helpful in decreasing blood lipids and blood pressure.

Help your Blood Pressure Health

Ginger – To regulate Insulin Response


Ginger has been shown to help reduce blood sugar levels and help regulate insulin response.

Ginger is often used in conjuntion with Cinnamon for blood sugar

Ginger – can increase uptake of glucose into muscle cells without using insulin, and may, therefore, assist in the management of high blood sugar levels.

Turmeric – Often used in the form of Curcumin

Turmeric - Curcumin

Research suggests that Turmeric extract could help stabilize blood sugar levels and make diabetes more manageable.

Turmeric most likely helps with diabetes because it supports the health of the liver.

Try Turmeric, Black Pepper & Ginger to help your circulation and stabilize your blood sugar.

Cayenne – has the active component Capsaicin

Cayenne seems to have the health benefit of reducing your appetite.

Cayenne Pepper opens up the blood vessels and helps with blood flow thus increasing energy.

Brain & Vein has Cayenne Pepper – is a great tonic for the heart

Marjoram – has a diuretic effect

Marjoram may have an effect like a “water pill” with a secondary effect to lower blood sugar.