Find Inspiration & Make Every Thought Count

Put yourself in positive surroundings – a walk, pleasant places in nature, calm spaces, images that lift you up. We have identified 4 things that may help to inspire you in your day, and in your life. 

Four Things to Inspire You

  • Adventure
  • History
  • Be Inspired
  • Journal

1. Adventure

Break your pattern of routine and do something that is adventurous to you. A walk, a bike ride… or something even more intense. What is something you can do physically to activate your brain, your body, and your breath? Those things energize you and open you to new ideas and thoughts.   

Get outside your norm and go somewhere completely different from your typical routine. They are good for you even if you have to schedule your adventure out for a future time in your life. Make those bucket lists. Those are some of the things that will enrich your life. 

Get outside your norm and go somewhere completely different from your typical routine.

2. Learn About history

Be inspired by visiting places where people from history thrived. These are archives of great accomplishments. 

Even though they are from the past they can still inspire you to look forward. These people just lived their lives, they didn’t know that they were shaping history. 

Visit places that people from history are remembered.

3. People Should Inspire You 

See the passion and enthusiasm of others and live vicariously through their energy. 

Even if they are not in an area you would normally be interested in it still helps open your mind and energy and inspiration. 

Part of this is getting out of your own bubble. Meeting new people helps break your own boundaries of thinking and gives you other perspectives to see things from. 

See things from a different perspective. Get out of your own bubble.

4. Write Something Every day

This doesn’t sound as exciting as the other items but it is a chance to “hang out” with yourself. 

Think about what you actually want in life. Write out your own ideas and see how you matter, how you are enough. See what your dreams are and how they are important. 

Write Something Every Day. Write out your own ideas and see how you matter, how you are enough

Live, Love, MatterInspired by Brendon Burchard 

You have got to do the work. What do you want life to be about? When you do this you will start to feel inspired more often. 

I hope this has been helpful in your day. We want to inspire you to move forward in your journey of life & of better health. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, simply reply to this email. 

I look forward to hearing your stories of adventure and the things that inspire you in your life. I read every email and do my best to reply to every comment. 

Find Inspiration & Make Every Thought Count Feel stuck in a rut? Doing these things can help you get out and reach your potential!

Until Next time – Be WellMary Howard RN 

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