Evening Tea With Ginger

Relax in the Evening with a Caffeine Free Ginger Tea Plus Essential Oils

One of my favourite evening routines is to make a cup of tea. I have several favourites that are caffeine free.

This ginger tea is a spicy tea so it satisfies the energizing tea need and still be caffeine free for an evening routine.

I like to add Cinnamon and Cardamon essential oils to my tea.

Watch this how to add oils to your tea video:

The Benefits of Stevia

Stevia is a great sweetener to add to tea – calorie free, an herb that actually helps manage blood sugar. A great choice for Diabetics or if you are on a calorie-reduced diet.

The Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is great for the heart and circulation as well as to manage blood sugar.

Cardamom is good for the digestion

Cardamom gives the tea a taste similar to a Chi tea and is good for the digestion, great to add to an evening tea – or any time of day actually.

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