Pine Fresh Room Spray

Make your own Siberian Fir Essential oil Room Spray

Eliminate odor, not cover it up!

Fill a glass spray bottle with water then add Siberian Fir for a refreshing room spray.

This is so simple yet smells so good!

If you have tried this tell us about your experience.

  • Use a 2 oz glass bottle for this recipe.
  • Place your 10 drops of Siberian Fir Essential oil in the spray bottle and fill with water.

Siberian Fir oil Properties 

The wonderful pine scent has qualities that will remind you of a Christmas tree.

The Siberian Fir tree that doTERRA sources from Russia has a woody fresh scent.

Siberian Fir vs White Fir

Siberian Fir has the same therapeutic constituents as white fir but in higher amounts of the therapeutic chemistry.

Siberian Fir is great to Eliminate Odors

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