doTERRA Essential Oils Price Per Drop

By: Jo Jean Keesling

2019 Essential Oil Cost Per Drop Retail & Wholesale Chart

This price per drop sheet is based on

  • 15 ml bottle = 250 drops
  • 5 ml bottle = 83 drops

Single Essential Oils

Essential OilUnitRetailWholesalePer Drop Retail*Per Drop Wholesale*
Basil15 ml$32.00$24.00$0.13$0.10
Bergamot15 ml$40.00$30.00$0.16$0.12
Black Pepper5 ml$29.33$22.00$0.35$0.27
Blue Tansy5 ml$113.33$85.00$1.37$1.02
Cardamom5 ml$34.67$26.00$0.42$0.31
Cassia15 ml$25.33$19.00$0.10$0.08
Cedarwood15 ml$17.33$13.00$0.07$0.05
Cilantro15 ml$34.67$26.00$0.14$0.10
Cinnamon5 ml$32.00$24.00$0.39$0.29
Clary Sage15 ml$48.67$36.50$0.19$0.15
Clove15 ml$21.33$16.00$0.09$0.06
Copaiba15 ml$46.67$35.00$0.19$0.14
Coriander15 ml$33.33$25.00$0.13$0.10
Cypress15 ml$20.67$15.50$0.08$0.06
Douglas Fir5 ml$30.00$22.50$0.36$0.27
Eucalyptus15 ml$22.67$17.00$0.09$0.07
Fennel (Sweet)15 ml$20.00$15.00$0.08$0.06
Frankincense15 ml$90.67$68.00$0.36$0.27
Geranium15 ml$41.33$31.00$0.17$0.12
Ginger15 ml$54.67$41.00$0.22$0.16
Grapefruit15 ml$24.00$18.00$0.10$0.07
Green Mandarin15 ml$37.33$28.00$0.15$0.11
Helichrysum5 ml$93.33$70.00$1.12$0.84
Juniper Berry5 ml$25.33$19.00$0.31$0.23
Lavender15 ml$30.67$23.00$0.12$0.09
Lemon15 ml$14.67$11.00$0.06$0.04
Lemongrass15 ml$13.33$10.00$0.05$0.04
Lime15 ml$17.33$13.00$0.07$0.05
Marjoram15 ml$25.33$19.00$0.10$0.08
Melaleuca15 ml$28.00$21.00$0.11$0.08
Melissa5 ml$153.33$115.00$1.85$1.39
Myrrh15 ml$78.67$59.00$0.31$0.24
Oregano15 ml$29.33$22.00$0.12$0.09
Patchouli15 ml$37.33$28.00$0.15$0.11
Peppermint15 ml$29.33$22.00$0.12$0.09
Petitgrain15 ml$33.33$25.00$0.13$0.10
Pink Pepper5 ml$29.33$22.00$0.35$0.27
Roman Chamomile5 ml$60.00$45.00$0.72$0.54
Rosemary15 ml$21.33$16.00$0.09$0.06
Sandalwood5 ml$93.33$70.00$1.12$0.84
Siberian Fir15 ml$26.67$20.00$0.11$0.08
Spearmint15 ml$37.33$28.00$0.15$0.11
Spikenard5 ml$66.00$49.50$0.80$0.60
Tangerine15 ml$24.00$18.00$0.10$0.07
Thyme15 ml$39.33$29.50$0.16$0.12
Turmeric15 ml$37.33$28.00$0.15$0.11
Vetiver15 ml$54.67$41.00$0.22$0.16
Wild Orange15 ml$13.33$10.00$0.05$0.04
Wintergreen15 ml$29.33$22.00$0.12$0.09
Yarrow Pom30 ml$126.67$95.00$0.25$0.19
Ylang Ylang15 ml$49.33$37.00$0.20$0.15

Essential Oil Blends

Essential OilUnitRetailWholesalePer Drop Retail*Per Drop Wholesale*
AromaTouch15 ml$37.33$28.00$0.15$0.11
Balance15 ml$28.00$21.00$0.11$0.08
Breathe15 ml$29.33$22.00$0.12$0.09
Cheer5 ml$33.33$25.00$0.40$0.30
Citrus Bliss15 ml$24.00$18.00$0.10$0.07
Console5 ml$49.33$37.00$0.59$0.45
Deep Blue5 ml$44.00$33.00$0.53$0.40
DigestZen15 ml$44.00$33.00$0.18$0.13
Elevation15 ml$57.33$43.00$0.23$0.17
Forgive5 ml$26.67$20.00$0.32$0.24
Motivate5 ml$30.67$23.00$0.37$0.28
On Guard15 ml$45.33$34.00$0.18$0.14
Passion5 ml$56.00$42.00$0.67$0.51
Peace5 ml$40.00$30.00$0.48$0.36
Purify15 ml$26.67$20.00$0.11$0.08
Serenity15 ml$42.67$32.00$0.17$0.13
Slim & Sassy15 ml$34.67$26.00$0.14$0.10
TerraShield15 ml$14.00$10.50$0.06$0.04
Zendocrine15 ml$32.00$24.00$0.13$0.10

Drop Variations from bottle to bottle of Essential Oils

Sometimes there are as many and 300 drops of essential oils in a 15 ml bottle and as many as 100 drops in a 5 ml bottle. Each oil has a different thickness and causes a difference in the number of drops per bottle.

A Handy Essential Oils Tool

We wanted to bring you another handy essential oil tool that you could use interactively. Double Click on any row you would like to sort by.

Whether you are an entrepreneur making your own roller ball blends or a Mom trying to figure out your budget of what the essential oils you need next are going to cost you this is such a handy chart to have.

The Chart is broken up into 2 sections

  • Single Oils and the
  • 2nd for the Blends.

The Search on the chart is also handy. Looking for just one oils – just put it in and it pops to the top of the list.

Get Your Own Price Per drop Essential Oil Sheet

Essential Oil Price Per Drop Sheet. Downloadable PDF

You are welcome to download this handy Price Per Drop sheet for your own use. Use it, share it and have fun with it. Give us a shout out on social if you like.

Essential Oils Price Per Drop Chart. This is a handy tool. You are welcome to download the PDF as well.