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Understanding my WHY – My doTERRA Compliance Journey

My friend Josh was here at my office one day, he works a lot with folks on  “Search Engine Optimization” and Google Analytics. We were talking about some things to write about, and I said, “Well I can’t write that, it wouldn’t be compliant. He said, “That’s just dumb. You should be able to talk about what you want to.” I said “No it’s alright.”, and explained why.

I’m Mary Howard RN with Powerline Health bringing you another episode of Essentially YOUR’s where we come alongside you and help you in your day with some Natural Solutions.

Not making Medical Claims


Thinking about that conversation, I realized something. When doTERRA asked us to go “Compliant” and not make any medical claims, it was actually a huge turning point for me.

At first, I was thinking, “ How do you say ‘Asthma’ without a medical term… How do you say ‘pain’ or ‘arthritis’ without a medical term?”

I actually did just that – came up with things like soreness, inflammation, and positive solution type wording – “opening the airway”, “Clear breathing” , “improved mobility”, those types of things.

That is when it occurred to me – working with the whole person makes so much more sense. To a degree – you don’t have to care what medical diagnosis you have, all you want to do is get through today – with less of something that bothers you and more of something you feel is “normal” or “better health” for you.

Give your body the right nutrients, the right foods and it will “Heal It’s self”

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So if we learn to eat less of the foods that bother us and more of the foods that make us feel good it doesn’t matter if we have a diagnosis of this or that as long as we make progress in bringing a sense of balance back in our body. Going even further, we are learning more and more every day about giving your body the right nutrients, the right environment, decreasing stress etc… your body can “heal itself” of many infirmities when given the right tools.

Herbs & Essential Oils are extensions of Healthy Eating

I love to blog, and do research about great natural products – it just so happens I’m a little crazy when it comes to essential oils. I love the way they smell, the feelings they give me when I smell these wonderful pure plant extracts. They are like the spice of life for me!

I love the herbs and supplements. I’m reasonably certain that I would have a “medical diagnosis” of my own by now without them 🙂


I think of the Herbs, supplements & essential oils as extensions of healthy eating. Not as a replacement for medicine. I think the more we think about supplements as extensions of healthy eating the better we can decide what will help us feel more balance in our life.

I was talking to a friend this morning. He is into natural health and healing using the energy fields of the body. I was telling him doTERRA asked us to be compliant, in other words, not to make medical claims, at 1st I felt very stifled. I have always defined an illness by its diagnosis. I felt like I couldn’t help with a natural product unless I could define a diagnosis.

Shifting to Compliant language forced me to focus on the “whole person”

What came about with doTERRA compliance has completely shifted my points of view. I realized something people are not defined by the disease or by the disorder they have. People simply have symptoms that they want relief from!If we work from the symptoms that they display and help them in their everyday life that’s what people want that’s what people need.

Give your body the tools to heal it’s self

That is where healing actually starts by giving the body the tools to do the hard work itself – to heal itself. So it’s helped me so much that I had to be compliant and not make medical claims.

This is helped me not only in my essential oil journey but this is helped me in my herbal journey in my natural foods journey helping people find natural solutions for their health issues.

  • Realizing that we are not going to fix things with a pill
  • or we’re not gonna fix something with and Herb
  • we’re not gonna fix something with an exercise routine
  • we’re not gonna fix something with a mono diet of a specific kind of food.

We have to tune in to what’s going on – sometimes – that need is emotional or physical or sometimes it’s trapped emotions displayed as physical symptoms. There are also pains that are deferred pain that goes back to a weakness in an organ in your body. It doesn’t me in the organ is non-functioning it means that we need to help some area of our body.

It means we need to help that organ in our body find balance.

  • We may need to do this through fasting.
  • We may need to do this by avoiding certain foods – Like sugars or refined foods.
  • It means we might need to do certain types of exercises that will strengthen an area of the body.

That way the body can heal and restore balance. People don’t necessarily like to have a diagnosis people don’t necessarily need to have a diagnosis.
Sometimes it can be helpful because it is an awakening that they need to do something, and of course it a way for a doctor’s office to bill insurance companies.

Change Your Focus – Change Your Health

I love the focus being on natural solutions I love the focus being on looking at the symptom, and find something that will help bring us back to balance.
Many of us are taught throughout our life to ignore our feelings when in actuality we really need to connect with our feelings.

Change your focus

We need to face our fears not run from our fears

Some time back I got a chance to visit with a fireman and he helped me realize – the traumatic things they see causing PTSD. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – these people need to work through those emotions not bury those emotions.

Let Go of FEAR

The herbs the essential oils and supplements (if they are quality supplements without fillers) are great ways to help balance the body and they can do a multitude of things to help the body get back what life has worn down. Other nutrients like Resveratrol and B complex they don’t just help re-energize the cells, They help roll back the signs of aging. By giving the Mitochondria the nutrients they need.

Being Compliant has helped me as a Natural Health Guide

So I just wanted to get this out there – that being compliant hasn’t held me back.
Being compliant – not making medical claims – has helped me grow and look at what my friend, my customer, my client – YOU – are struggling with in your life.

  • What are your biggest struggles & what can l do make your life easier? Ask me below
  • What things would give you the results that you need? Drop us a comment.

Many of you are willing to do the hard work if you just knew where to start, iIf you just knew where to turn. That has been so fun and so enjoyable for me to help people, like you, figure out where to start where to turn and what things will build better health even if it’s not an exact “cure”

We love to come alongside you and help you learn healthy lifestyle choices along with Managing stress.

Thank you for tuning in. Please like and share our channel. Ring the bell if you want to be notified of what we are doing next.

Until Next – as my friend Dr Jerry Petermann say – Be well!

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