Video Software

This is my favorite video editing software

Cyberlink PowerDirector 17 Ultra

I Like it because it comes with A Screenshot software so that you can use too. So you can make a slide show or screenshots and click through those while you are making a video.

– Then when you take your Web Cam Video and Your Screenshot video and layer them in your video software.  

Then sometimes you are talking to the camera and sometimes you show your slide show (while you are talking in the background)

You cut them both into pieces and drag what you want on top to the bottom of your timeline. It is all very cool. 

 – Within the PowerDirector software, you can also Increase the volume of your sound and many other tweaks Too many to describe. 

You Can take a group of pictures and make a slide show then use that slideshow as a video to put over the top of you talking. Works really well if you only have an audio of your talk. 

 – There are all kinds of add-ons you can download once you set up your Cyberlink account. Special effects for the beginning or end of your video. Bubble that go over the top of your video. Transitions for when you switch between clips.