Frankincense for Sore Muscles

Frankincense Essential Oil has many uses

This precious oil has numerous uses

  • For skin,
  • healthy cellular function, and
  • overall wellness.
  • But did you know you can apply it after a long day for a warming, soothing effect?
  • Use it under your feet after your workout to promote feelings of relaxation and relieve minor muscle discomfort following exercise.

Frankincense is excellent to use for Sore Muscles

  • Use Internally – one drop under the tongue or 3 drops in a capsule. 
  • Add to an unscented lotion with Peppermint and get the deeper relief of soreness 

A little know fact about Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense crosses the Blood/Brain barrier in the body. It penetrates deeper than many other oils. It also often potentiates the oils you put it with. So when you want deeper relief add a few extra drops of Frankincense to your favorite muscle tension essential oils. 

Add Frankincense for deeper muscle soreness relief

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